SIDNEY Raphael

How to stop beating your wife

Format: Softcover Book
Page Count: 286 Pages
Language: English
Author: Sidney Raphael
When did you stop beating your wife? This is the classic – and supremely nasty – loaded question. Back in the day, the accused target – the brute – had a tiny chance to recover his soiled reputation by claiming Who, me? She’s not my wife. But facts don’t matter anymore in our post-rationalist, post-existentialist, post-binary, post-modernist, post-truth era. Fewer men have wives nowadays. More than a few women have wives. Yet the fix between wives and their beaters endures. Almost all wives insist they are beaten regardless. As a humanitarian gesture, a book of instructions on how to stop beating your wife is overdue. Fine. But that’s not what we have here. Consider the book “How to Stop Beating Your Wife”, a prequel. Powerful societal forces are already in place to end the shameful scourge of wife beating. The book will wake people up to what is already happening: the evolving right side of history. And why it is already too late for any opposing movements, laws, or forces to change this progressive trajectory.