Chapter 7: Ecclesiastes is dead

Vanity of vanities, all is vanity


a reason not to use court to beat your wife:

i wanted to correct visitation deprivation / custody

judge said no disclosure = took issues into unknown direction = i didn’t know why i was on trial, guilty until proven innocent = no impeachment = impossible to prepare = on thr fly

judge never specified her authority  = maybe common practice in Fam Ct, but I was not informed

sent to “experts” fangirls

fangirls had extensive contact w mother

accepted her stories w/o confirmation = two legged stool

never doubted son’s credibility

strange. as an expert i could talk about child therapy. my phd piaget nyscp gre books my course at columbia grad – 3 papers on reading list

no independent child therapists. they lasts less than 10 sessions. break up the family balance. parents yank child out. same with marital counseling. very poor results.

five judges disagreed

i was given one hour = even then, dismissed, never a second session, vacation = i tried to control

re brow beating: father will inevitably lose

if a child wants a big game or special object, and father says no = fther is committing suicide / abandoning custody

if child tells mother that father said no, easy for mother to label father as cruel, blow the story up, stoke child

mote in father’s eye. mother’s motes are forgiven. one father mote means death

our judge forgave mother’s wife beating claims, didn’t forgive father’s unsupported brow beating claims

cause = mothers are mothers, fathers always second best, even with my credentials, i can testify as an expert, but always less than mother

can’t fight the meme

raphael tv program

second example

richard said no experts = i didn’t appreciate

in a trial issues defined, combat of proofs

most ‘experts’ are feminists = believe fathers have had their way for millenia

i don’t believe ‘science’ = academic suicide to disiagree = which are the schools that disagree with feminism = where one can research and publish and earn a salary

self report science weak

cost of lawyers = money for lawyers or for child eg college

tried many ways to make money. GRE best seller, 5k, nyscp, nothing, changing insurance landscape, i was too late

courts for the rich




How our shared progressive society will thoroughly annihilate every last vestige of wife beating in two short centuries.
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